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The Tech Kiosk

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Web 2.0 Tech Kiosk


The Web 2.0 Tech Kiosk was developed as a way of introducing art information professionals to the tools and uses of Web 2.0 technology.  At the 2008 Annual Conference of ARLIS/NA, the Tech Kiosk  invited attendees to get hands-on instruction in setting up a blog, posting to a flickr account, subscribing to RSS feeds, creating a wiki, and more.  The goal of the kiosk was to provide a one-on-one learning experience, in which visitors could discover free tricks and tools and walk away with some hands-on experience and knowledge of how the world of art information is changing.  What we found was that one-on-one became many-to-many, and before long visitors were all asking questions that led to other questions and inspired new ideas for other kiosk visitors.  While the tech staff provided most of the answers, it was the questions that prompted the real learning, on both sides of the table!




Rebecca Cooper, University of Virginia  |  rebeccacooper AT gmail DOT com


Kristen Mastel, University of Minnesota | klmastel AT hotmail DOT com



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